I'm a senior designer and illustrator living and working in Sydney.
Originally from Perth, I have degrees in both architecture and digital design, and have worked in various design studios and organisations across Australia since 2010.

UI and UX
Ever since I had access to an internet connection I have been fascinated with digital design. I have also had the opportunity to work on iOS and Android apps for various brands. Creating easy to understand, simple, clean interfaces is my passion.

Illustration and Animation
I have worked with many start-ups and digital agencies to create illustrations which can tell a story, guide a user through a product, assist with onboarding, or help explain a product for a pitch presentation. I work digitally, creating my artwork in vector formats meaning it can be scaled and used for any device, and is also quick to edit and iterate with. I use animation to add that extra layer of polish and delight to my illustrations and through interaction design.

EDM Design and Development
I have developed and designed onboarding and conversion email sets to help companies engage and convert users through a funnel. I have HTML and CSS skills as well as a strong understanding of designing for mobile and various email clients.

Print Design
I have a background in graphic and print design and have experience in print design for magazines, point of sale, flyers, brochures, publications and more.

Get in touch with me via hello@katehoolahan.com - I love hearing from new people!

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