The Problem

We wanted our Beamers to engage more as a community. We wanted them to share the joy of Beaming and grow a community of Beam Promoters.

The Solution

I created a set of shareable illustrations that were fun, playful, and easy to post on social media. These illustrations (shown in context of the app) corresponded to the category the Beamer had transacted in.

We also wanted this playfulness and extra polish to extend throughout the app. Elements of illustration were included throughout the onboarding process to help better explain the details of the app to our users.

Illustration options/exploration for push message and location preference notifcations

Some early iterations of in-app animations for the onboarding process - as displayed in Beam V3. The addition of subtle animation captures our users attention moreso than a still image.




I worked alongside a team which included UX/UI designers (who designed the Beam app) and developers to add personality to the Beam app with the creation of an illustration style guide and illustrations to be included throughout the app. I have also created some content for the EDMs and Social.