The Problem

Our merchants were not receiving valuable feedback. Feedback such as 'slow transaction' or 'it was OK' simply weren't cutting it. So we aimed to direct our Beamer's in the right feedback direction by giving them more specific feedback flows.

The Process

Merchant Feedback
Merchant Feedback
Throughout the design process, many design iterations were explored and discussed. We believed combining the positive and negative feedback into one screen would be confusing for the user and would lead to mixed feedback. We explored using a 1to 10 scale but upon user testing realised users were more familiar with the 5 star model, and it made it easier to change the rating once the user was in the flow.

The Solution

Through creating pre-filled feedback pins we made the feedback process easier for our Beamers. They no longer had to leave a long comment, they could say what they thought within a few taps.

Merchant Feedback
If the user selects 4 or 5 stars, they are directed to the positive feedback screens. From the positive feedback screen, the user can select compliments to give the merchant. They also have an option to leave a note.

Alternatively they can change their rating by tapping on the stars within the header, which may direct them to the alternative negative feedback flow.

Merchant Feedback
If the user selects 1 to 3 stars, they are directed to the negative feedback screens. This flow guides users to highlight potential issues they may have had with their experience. Colourful pins were not used here as they could be misconstrued as a positive, hence the text only design.

The copy underneath the stars indicates what the feedback is classified as, in the hope people who had a good experience would not accidentally rate 3 stars, and are therefore pushed to the positive feedback flow. We want our merchants to feel valued!

Merchant Feedback
The icon choices were derived from the original illustration style guide. Icons should be easy to understand at a glance and consistent in look and feel.

Some comments may be that this feedback flow is similar to that of other apps that require feedback from users. The reasons we aligned with this flow is that our users are familiar with the layout and post transaction model within other apps. We want them to feel confident, not confused.


Type:UI - iOS


Beam Wallet is a mobile payments and rewards app. The problem with our feedback model (which allowed customers to write a comment) was the vague feedback we were receiving, which wasn’t of too much value for them. By introducing compliment pins and targeted feedback options, the user is now guided into sending valuable comments.