I'm a senior product designer and illustrator living and working in Perth.
I have degrees in both architecture and digital design, and have worked in various design studios, startups and organisations across Australia for over 10 years.

What do I do?

I love to help companies solve problems, through great design and experiences.
My main goal when beginning a project is to understand the problems we want to solve, then use design to solve the right problem.

I do this by asking questions, talking to customers and key stakeholders, and analysing data.

Once I understand the problems we want to solve, I can begin to ideate and come up with concepts and ideas that could potentially work.

It is then through testing and further research that the correct solution can be defined and executed.

Sweating the details.
While it can be important to build and test concepts quickly during the MVP stage of a product's life, what I love to do is sweat the details to create an outstanding user experience.

These details are things such as animations, illustrations and interactions.

These finer details can add to the delight the user experiences when using a product, and they are really what makes a product stand out in the market.