Beam Wallet

Beam Wallet is a mobile payments and rewards app. The problem with our feedback model (which allowed customers to write a comment) was the vague feedback we were receiving, which wasn’t of too much value for our merchants. By introducing compliment pins and targeted feedback options, the user is now guided into sending valuable comments.

The Process

To begin with designing the feature, we needed to define the problem. We started analyzing feedback from merchants who were commenting that the feedback they were getting from customers was too vague. We hypothesized this was due to the previous feedback model allowing customers to only add text. We needed to point customers in the right direction and give them suggestions for what went well or what went right.

I started by creating some quick concepts that could help us solve the problem of vague feedback.

From wireframes to high fidelity mockups created quickly through the aid of our design system, we were now able to test the product feature out on some real customers and merchants.

The Result

After testing the feature out on real customers and merchants, we found they all found it easy to use. We hypothesized this is because we followed some well known design patterns used by the likes of Uber.

Customers were drawn to the brighter illustrations that added delight and personality to the experience.

Since rolling out this feature, we have received feedback from our merchants that they are now able to understand and use the customer's feedback to improve their business.