Dovetail is a user research platform that helps their customers analyze data, collaborate on insights, and build their research repository. Dovetail wanted to have a series of illustrations that depicted all the tasks you could do, using the platform. An idea was formed around the idea of the customer becoming 'a hero in their team' by having access to all the insights Dovetail offers. As such, an action adventurer character was developed, with energetic illustrated scenes depicting her solving various problems related to her product.

The Process

I was approached by Dovetail in 2017, and when given the brief, began discussing concepts with the founder. From these discussions, I began sketching out the ideas. Once the sketches of the basic idea were agreed upon, we moved on to more final vector artwork.

Early sketches to define the energetic nature of the illustrations.

The lead character and colour scheme are quite feminine, as Dovetail's main audience is women aged between 17 - 30. The colour scheme also works well with the existing brand guidelines.

Metaphoric illustrations accompany the onboarding steps to re-iterate the task on hand.