Vervoe Assessment Builder

Vervoe is a tool that helps companies hire the best talent, by creating skills assessments that companies can use to see how candidates will do the job, before they get the job. Prior to the implementation of the assessment builder, companies would have to choose from a library of pre-made assessments.

The problem was, a lot of companies needed a bespoke assessment suited to the exact role they were hiring for. We therefore needed to create a product that did exactly that - creating bespoke assessments based on a description of the role companies are hiring for.

Vervoe's assessment builder asks companies to describe the hire they are looking for, and then automagically creates the assessment for them.

The Process

The design of the skills assessment builder has been iterative. Originally we released an MVP, shown in the video below, which we tested on our customers.

The feedback from our customers is that they wanted to add and edit skills as they wrote in our description, hence we moved to the sidebar view shown above and in the final design.

Our MVP of the product is shown throughout this video.

The Result

Launching the skills assessment builder lead to Vervoe finalising a round of funding ($4 million).

Our customers found it incredibely easy to create skills assessments, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
Australia Post were one of the companies to use the skills assessment builder to create assessments which tested their new staff, they reported;

"We have just ticked past three months since the launch of the redesigned recruitment process and introduction of the online assessment. Feedback from stakeholders so far on the quality of hire has been fantastic, with a number commenting on how reliable, attentive and interested the new staff are."

An animated loading screen using Lottie animations tells our customers what's happening as they wait for their assessment to load.

Once the customer enters their job description, they are taken to a preview of an assessment, where they can swap out questions or edit them.

Swapping a questions leads the customer to a pool of similar questions.