Vervoe Candidate Experience

Vervoe is an AI-powered skill testing platform that allows employers to create or choose online skills assessments to see how job applicants perform in real-world and real-job scenarios.

The need to improve the candidate experience came out of discussions with customer success regarding consistent issues brought up by candidates through our support center. Coincidentally, the development team needed to re-write the code behind the experience to ensure it was scalable. We therefore decided to completely redesign the experience over the course of two sprints.

The Process

As a first step, we needed to understand the problems we needed to solve for. We spoke to our customer success team, as well as a few of our major customers such as Australia Post and AKQA.

We noticed some consistent issues which we needed to solve for, such as:

1. Candidates having issues with video and audio questions. We wanted to improve their confidence going into the assessment by allowing them to test their equipment before starting the test. We also wanted to make it clear to them if these question types didn't work on mobile, prior to them beginning the test.

2. Improving clarity around the deadline. Previously we only told people that they had a certain amount of days left to complete an assessment, however candidates needed to know the exact time, down to the minute, that their assessment would expire.

3. Improving the mobile experience. Previously it was quite hard for candidates to complete an assessment on their phone, and the amount of users who only had access to a mobile device was growing.

4. Preparation and practice mode for timed questions that include audio and video answers.

5. Better UI and error handling when uploading a file.

6. Making the assessments easier to navigate - previously candidates had to go through questions one by one, in order, we now allow you to skip to any question.

7. Increased employer branding for a personalised experience.

8. Highlighting the profile section so candidates can fill in more details about themselves outside of the assessment itself.

The Previous Experience

For reference, the previous experience also used outdated UI not in line with the design system I built and established for Vervoe, so while addressing the aforementioned issues, we wanted to update the UI to match the system.

The Results

As a result of the redesign, candidate NPS went from 46 to 65, and support tickets decreased 20%.

Since the launch of the redesign, Vervoe has raised over $4 million in funding.

A prep screen welcomes candidates and lets them know a summary of the interview before they begin.

Candidates are given a preparation screen prior to timed interviews.

Candidates can go through the questions in the order they choose. Previously, they had to complete questions 1 by 1.

Candidates are given a warning and the ability to test their device prior to video or audio questions.

Candidates can see deadlines down to the minute. Beforehand, they were only given day estimates.

When uploading a file, candidates receive messaging on the status of the upload, so they can be confident it has successfully been uploaded.

The experience works well on mobile, as a significant amount of candidates do not have access to a desktop device.